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At ITA, we believe that a project should have no limits, that it can come to life, respecting its environment and the world around it.


We give life to gathering places by creating durable and comfortable pieces.
To do this, we have a unique know-how, men and women, in the knowledge of materials and moulding techniques and technologies. Our activity is fully in line with the respect of the environment and the development of the local territory.

Shapes made of 95% softwood chips

Our moulded wood products, made from forestry by-products, are recyclable in the same way as wood.

Supporting the region

ITA encourages local know-how and uses suppliers who are committed to sustainable development and who are certified. ITA therefore pays particular attention to the choice of its raw materials and their origin. The wood used for the manufacture of moulded wooden parts is 100% French and regional, within a radius of less than 100 kilometres. Coming from responsibly managed forests, wood is a wonderful, renewable and sustainable material.

Moving towards zero waste

The moulding processes used by ITA generate little waste compared to traditional machining techniques. However, ITA systematically sorts all residual waste.

Reduction of VOCs

ITA has committed to a VOC reduction plan, which has resulted in, among other things, the implementation of innovative solvent-free foaming processes for these 2 new carousels in 2022.

our values


Determination is personal involvement with perseverance and pride. Driven by our passion for our work and our determination, we take up the challenges that lead us to performance.


Respect means having consideration for others, but also respecting oneself by setting an example.


We combine our energies to achieve the desired result together.

Business sectors

ITA Moulding process present in many sectors of activities  


ITA Moulding Process is a company specialized in wood and foam moulding.